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Nero Burning ROM or Rome ?

During the training session in IT infrastructure , I normally  get irritated when some of my students and even my fellow trainers  pronounce the “Nero” as nuro, naro or something else .  It was back in 1998 that I come across this software  to  write data to the  CD-RW mediums .  What catches  my attention at the […]

Why North and South Bridges ?

    Every student who goes through the IT infrastructure study will surly go though the theory of North  and South bridge chips on the motherboard . ever thought why theMemory Controller Hub and IO controller hub are named so ? The  two chips are aptly called the bridge because it acts as a bridge between your microprocessor  and other […]

Ultra Book , Is it for you ?

IT industry will always find new ways to attract its customers . When netbooks comes to the market  some 4 years back , it was charming and affordable . I opted for a Asus eeePC  as my prime machine instead of my heavy Dell inspiron. Even though people said that Intel atom is under powered , I […]

From a coffee table to a slate — The surface story

re-branding is always confusing .  The idea of naming a new innovative concept with a name that was a decade  old is not that much appealing . I am talking about the new product from Microsoft that is trending in Google search .   It is the Microsoft Surface.    The initial idea of  Microsoft Surface was dates back to 2001 […]

ESD -Realities

    How many of the hardware professionals treat ESD  as a main subject when handling delicate hardware components inside the desktop or laptop ? we can have a basic discussion that I am sure known to many of you out there but  failed to observe in real life . Electro Static Discharge or ESD is the charge that build up […]

Gold inside your computers ?

There are so many discussions going on about can you become rich by selling the gold hidden inside your micro chips .   Yes , most of  us were get fascinated by the yellow metal and that makes this topic interesting . The good news is that your micro chips contains gold . The bad news is […]

Windows 7 Recovery Environment partition

My initial machine has a harddisk capacity of  540 MB.   At that time if you ask me about loosing 200 MB space I will say it means a lot to me .  But it was long back in 1994 and my home machine has  2000 times capacity than my original one .         […]

Turn your laptop in to a wi-fi hot spot

    There  are numerous articles on internet which discuss the same topic , but curiously most of them are discussing on the third party application to set up your own wi-fi hot spot.  This post is an attempt to discuss the in built feature of windows 7 to convert your wired internet or 3g connection […]

Protect your Blog content with DMCA

      Digital Millennium  copy right Act  ( DMCA )  may be controversial  from the  initial days of that act itself. This blog post is not an effort to check the merits and demerits of DMCA  , but rather considering the DMCA from a normal bloggers point of view .   What is DMCA ?    Just as part of driving the point […]