Windows 7 Recovery Environment partition

By | April 29, 2012

My initial machine has a harddisk capacity of  540 MB.   At that time if you ask me about loosing 200 MB space I will say it means a lot to me .  But it was long back in 1994 and my home machine has  2000 times capacity than my original one .





So I will find it curious  that  people are debating about how we can save that 200 MB space that your windows machine take up automatically  during the process of installation.   I am sure it will not be hot topic  for any one  if windows 7 just take an additional 10 GB for its windows partition.  It is just like the case of  People who patiently waited on the bus during all those traffic jams will find it really irritating to wait for  the  bus driver  to park  the bus before you get down .

Windows 7 Insists on  200 MB system partition because it is the area where it stores the windows recovery environment .   Leave it as such . you are not going to benefit from saving the penny  and loosing the  pound.

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