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SSD vs Flash

Deny it or not , we are storing our valuable data on the least reliable component inside your computer. The hard disk drive .  Yes , the arcane stone age computing technology that outlived its peers . We are no longer using audio cassettes and VHS tapes , still my system contains an electro- mechanical device  to store the bits […]

Myths about Color of your mother board

Back  in  my early days of computing carrier , all the motherboards were green in color.  When other colors appeared on the motherboard , most of the brown , gray and black motherboards were cheap , good for nothing products. That set a strong believe about the greatness of green  motherboards. It is not just my case […]

Why North and South Bridges ?

    Every student who goes through the IT infrastructure study will surly go though the theory of North  and South bridge chips on the motherboard . ever thought why theMemory Controller Hub and IO controller hub are named so ? The  two chips are aptly called the bridge because it acts as a bridge between your microprocessor  and other […]

Why BUS is called a BUS

  If you are a geek , the term Bus will remind you of Data and address bus first and then you will remember about the huge vehicle that you used to commute . If you are a layman  you are only going to care about the transportation facility . From my basic classes on microprocessors , […]

Binary before Computers ?

        Just like many  other electronic students , the digital electronics is not one of the fascinating topics to me . But after a while going through the class room sessions I was fascinated with the binary logic  that is the foundation for all those modern day computing systems.  And for all those who did not come […]

How the files are compressed ?

      Using the file compression is a normal process for our computing needs , whether in the case of data transmission or data storage . Even the layman in computing know how to zip a file and unzip it   . But what happens when you compress a file , how the file size of the original file reduced […]