Myths about Color of your mother board

By | November 30, 2012

Back  in  my early days of computing carrier , all the motherboards were green in color.  When other colors appeared on the motherboard , most of the brown , gray and black motherboards were cheap , good for nothing products. That set a strong believe about the greatness of green  motherboards. It is not just my case .  The whole computing industry guys has an affinity towards the green motherboards.  .It is just a myth about the color and quality .  We will look in to  the basic reasons behind the color of your motherboard .


Green ..The better  ?

The original PCB color is not green . The glass epoxy material used for the production of the new generation motherboards does not have a color of its own . After the process of  chemical etching to remove the copper from unwanted areas , the mother board will look like this



The solder Mask coating is applied to the PCB to protect the copper lines from oxidization. This coating is normally green in color . Green color was long been used as the normal industry standard and continued for the computer motherboard also .  Intel is one of the company which still stick on to the convention of using green solder mask for all the motherboard they are manufacturing . Since Intel boards were long been considered as quality range of motherboards , customers has a high affinity to green colored motherboards .This does not stop other manufactures from experimenting with their own choice of solder mask and now a days motherboards of all colors are available .



So we can conclude that  the colors of the motherboards does not indicate any kind of quality statements apart from the choice of solder mask color during the manufacturing process . 

Still I will go for the green one if you give me an option


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