Gold inside your computers ?

By | May 1, 2012

There are so many discussions going on about can you become rich by selling the gold hidden inside your micro chips .   Yes , most of  us were get fascinated by the yellow metal and that makes this topic interesting .

The good news is that your micro chips contains gold . The bad news is that there is not enough gold hidden there to make you an overnight billionaire . The gold is there inside the microchips to connect the silicon wafer contacts to the connectors . They are used there because it is a good conductor and nothing to do with your fascination for gold.



In fact there are many metals inside your micro chips inserted as part of  its manufacturing process . But  the process of collecting it back from these chips call for labor intensive , complex facilities that make it less attractive for a normal person like you and me .


Even if some of the higher end add on cards and audio connectors are coated with gold , there is noting worth the effort you put in to separate it back . I personally know a guy who was reluctant to hand over his 1981 IBM PC to me because he believes that  there is solid gold hidden inside the machine. Yes , a 1981 original IBM PC  has some real golden value for a collector like me , but not the kind  of gold as he is thinking



So let your scrap collector do the work and let him make a living out of it .



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  1. Usama

    This is really interesting.. I heard about this, but don’t know the exact fact. Anyway a cool article 🙂


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