What all these black boxes means ?

By | April 30, 2012


May be you already noticed these kind of  bar code like images on some websites , promo materials and some business cards that handed to you .  You guessed it right . These black and white squires contains  intelligence that can be translated by scanning software installed on your smart phone .

This system is called QR code where QR stands for quick response code . It is one of the emerging standards by which pictures speak better than words. The basic underlying principle is similer to the bar code system.

The QR code will come handy if you need to add little bit of  technical touch your hoardings or business cards so that  viewers will be prompted to scan the qr code and decode the data in their smart phone . And the main advantage is that you can track how many persons actually viewed your code using their phones. It will be as good as getting information about how many persons glanced at the hoarding you have placed on the airport .

So let us look in to the process of creating a QR code for yourself and using a mobile phone to read the code .

Creating the code :

The code can contain a plain text data , phone number or a website address and there are numerous  websites  available that let you create a QR code for free.

We are creating the QR code using the link from kaywa.com  Please use this link to create the code for you


now use this code on your printed stationary or websites or hoardings and let the qr-code do the magic for you

 Decoding the QR :

Second part is obviously about how to read these codes. It is quite simple if you have a moble phone smart enough to install any kind of software . I used an ardriod phone and downloaded an app named QR-Driod from the google play store

. Now just run the app and point your phone camera to the QR code image and that’s it , it is decoded and displayed on your phone . If it is plane text it will be shown on your screen or you will get a link if it is an info about a website .


Now try to scan what is the contents on the QR code on the top of this post . 


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