Nero Burning ROM or Rome ?

By | December 25, 2012

During the training session in IT infrastructure , I normally  get irritated when some of my students and even my fellow trainers  pronounce the “Nero” as nuro, naro or something else .  It was back in 1998 that I come across this software  to  write data to the  CD-RW mediums .  What catches  my attention at the very first installation of the software is the creativity of the name  ” Nero Burning ROM ” 

I am just wondering how many of you have noticed the beauty behind naming a software which is used to “Burn” the compact Discs after the Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus  who allegedly burned Rome  in order to clear land for his planned palatial complex.

whether that allegation is true or not , our faith full software is burning the ROM for the past 15 years   . So take a moment to appreciate the beauty and creativity behind naming the software as Nero Burning Rom .

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