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By | May 8, 2012



How many of the hardware professionals treat ESD  as a main subject when handling delicate hardware components inside the desktop or laptop ?

we can have a basic discussion that I am sure known to many of you out there but  failed to observe in real life .

Electro Static Discharge or ESD is the charge that build up on any substance due to rubbing of two things . The electrons on one of the substance get transferred to the other substance and that material get negatively charged . When that substance get a chance to ground itself the excess charge flows to the ground and it is called ESD.

Even though the static charge is not harmful to the human being , it is extremely damaging to the tiny electronic components in side your computer . That means the charge build up on your body is enough to kill your memory chips when you touch them with out observing proper care for grounding yourself .


So keep your sensitive electronic components in the specially designed anti static bags that comes along with these components  till you are going to assemble it . Remember that these static bags are slightly conductive so do not treat then like a normal plastic bag


And always ground yourself by wearing grounded wrist straps when handling these sensitive  components. It may not be possible for you to always work in a static free workstation as you may be servicing the computers at home . But do remember to plug the crocodile clip of the wrist strip to the chassis of  your computer  and wear the strap  before touching the logic circuits inside the  computer

One thought on “ESD -Realities

  1. JK

    If we dont have an Antistatic wrist strap..
    1. Keep the PSU power cord plugged in, but switched OFF.(contact to electrical earthing)
    2.Esure our body-ground contact(no shoe,chappals,carpet and hand glove). Just naturally ground the electrical components through our body.
    It think thats enough.. Is that enough..?


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