Ultra Book , Is it for you ?

By | July 9, 2012

IT industry will always find new ways to attract its customers .

When netbooks comes to the market  some 4 years back , it was charming and affordable . I opted for a Asus eeePC  as my prime machine instead of my heavy Dell inspiron. Even though people said that Intel atom is under powered , I did not find any issue with  it and that net book is still with me running windows 7 ultimate and loaded with two virtual machines for my training division.

In today’s world of  tablets , a typical user who has enough money to invest on a typical net book will be lured away by the charming looks of tablets running on an ARM processor and android OS . So bad news for the win-tel platform .


If you have enough money to invest on a high end laptop , mac book air may lure you with the  size zero design and its charms and again bad news for the Intel range of micro processor .

So the final way for Intel is seen as the ultrabooks which combine the portability of a net book , with the looks of a Mac Book .

I personally think that investing on such a shiny thin piece of technology that cost like a hell is not a smart move for a person who really care about their hard earned  money . Does it really matter that my laptop is few more millimeter thick ? If you just want to show off your gadget and deep pockets to purchase it , then go for it . otherwise settle on a laptop that has a real DVD drive and full sized NIC interface .



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