Don’t and some Do’s of Laptop Care

This article is published initially on my personal blog a few years back. Hope this is the more appropriate platform for publishing a tech article so republishing it here    This is a non techie -talk on the day to day care of your laptops. As most of the computer users are moving from desktops […]

Why BUS is called a BUS

  If you are a geek , the term Bus will remind you of Data and address bus first and then you will remember about the huge vehicle that you used to commute . If you are a layman  you are only going to care about the transportation facility . From my basic classes on microprocessors , […]

What is Kibi Byte anyway

Hope everyone out there in computing industry is familiar with the term  Byte and kilo Byte . But how many of you out here is familiar with the therm Kibi Byte which is written as KiB . The KiB is the less accepted standard in computing industry .if  it was implemented on an earlier times of computing industry it may solve […]

Binary before Computers ?

        Just like many  other electronic students , the digital electronics is not one of the fascinating topics to me . But after a while going through the class room sessions I was fascinated with the binary logic  that is the foundation for all those modern day computing systems.  And for all those who did not come […]

ESD -Realities

    How many of the hardware professionals treat ESD  as a main subject when handling delicate hardware components inside the desktop or laptop ? we can have a basic discussion that I am sure known to many of you out there but  failed to observe in real life . Electro Static Discharge or ESD is the charge that build up […]

Gold inside your computers ?

There are so many discussions going on about can you become rich by selling the gold hidden inside your micro chips .   Yes , most of  us were get fascinated by the yellow metal and that makes this topic interesting . The good news is that your micro chips contains gold . The bad news is […]