What is Kibi Byte anyway

By | May 20, 2012

Hope everyone out there in computing industry is familiar with the term  Byte and kilo Byte . But how many of you out here is familiar with the therm Kibi Byte which is written as KiB .

The KiB is the less accepted standard in computing industry .if  it was implemented on an earlier times of computing industry it may solve most of the confusions that is happening regarding the capacity of your devices which are normally expressed in Kilo Bytes and Mega Bytes .


The Term Kibi is dervied from the combination of words Kilo and Binary . The Kbi means 1024 rather than 1000 as expressed by the Kilo .

On earlier  times of computing industry , when the capacity of memory and storage systems and growing at a steady  rate , industry used the term kilo byte to express    210 bytes . But the mathematical value for 210  is 1024 , but it was ignored  and rounded to 1000 skipping the 24 bytes to use the term Kilo , which means thousand.

The missing 24 bytes become a real issue when the Kilo Byte is multiplied 1000 times and made the Mega Byte and then 1000 times in to Giga Bytes . The difference between the original and expressed values become large .

Then Kibi byte was introduced in 1999  as a solution to the issue . The Kibi Byte really means 1024 than just 1000 . So if you are expressing your hard disk capacity in Kibi byte and Mibi Byte , the actual capacity will not be different from the shown capacity as it is happening now .

But the computing  industry was reluctant to move away from the terms Kilo Byte and Mega byte so we are rarely using these terms . 


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