Microsoft brings back MCSE

By | June 11, 2012



It is not a topic which directly address any realities in desktop computing , but as a topic which is a hot discussion among techies I wish to express my personal opinions on it.


So the news is that MCSE is back  

for those who does not understand this alphabet soup , this is a Microsoft certification which everyone believes to be extinct and which took a back stage when the new range of certifications acronym-ed MCITP comes in to market. the way the old MSCE stands for Microsoft Certified System Engineer  and it was my first international certification way back in 1998 . I was a MCSE on NT.40 Server and earned the certification by passing all those 6 examinations ( for me it was a 7 paper exam becasue I have to  reappear for the NT enterprise exam )

The MCSE was continued for windows 2000 and 2003 and Microsoft  change the certification path to MCITP from windows 2008 server on wards.

Microsoft Certified IT professional sounds great than MCSE , but lacks recognition as the tech community really liked the term MCSE over the new term. Anyway as an implementer , we have no choice but to follow what Microsoft is offering and I started training my students for the MCITP.

The new update from Microsoft is that they are bringing back MCSE along with the new certification on windows Server 2012 ( formerly known as windows 8 server ) 

But the new certification is named Microsoft Certified Solution Expert instead of  the system Engineer . Sounds better and more fashionable .

To begin with you have to be an MCSA and then an MCSE , just like the old exam pattern. Hope the pictures below are self explanatory , still it help to check the details at   Microsoft site   too .

First go through  the 3 paper to become an MCSA

Then Write two more papers to become an MCSE


Your opinions on the new pattern of certifications is expected on this page

5 thoughts on “Microsoft brings back MCSE

  1. Sanjo Thomas

    MCSE is a very tough exam. But, I think MCSE-D would be a correct name as I see most of them pass exams with help of brain dumps.
    An MCSE is supposed to very strong in Windows Server operating systems….but the reality is…most of them can't even answer very very basic question on Windows…..I have interviewed hundreds of such people. Certification without knowledge waste….

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