S-ATA vs P-ATA why Serial is faster ?

Back in my early days of electronic studies  I have learned that parallel data transfer is faster than serial. It satisfies my commonsense too that an eight  lane highway can take more cars than a single lane . so eight bits at a time down the lane will indeed faster than one bit at a […]

LED monitors , the myth and the Fact

  By initiating a discussion on LCD vs LED monitor, we are addressing one of the concerns of the customers  regarding the purchase of the display unit.   After the era of Cathode ray tube monitors are over for a formal desktop customer , LCD monitor is a common display unit . There are so many complicated terminologies which a normal customer will find […]

Reset Counters for your Inkjet – The real story

    For anyone who used their ink jet printers for more than two  year they may have come across an error message when they try send a document to a printer ” communication error and a recommendation to contact the service division of the respective printer company. When you dial the toll free number of the printer […]

Power On Self Test – Demystified

    As a person who is using a computing equipment , You are aware about the term called POST and you also know it is expanded as Power on Self Test. Yes the same process which begins after you press the power button of your system .  This post is an effort to move a little deeper in to […]

Why You Should not Purchase a Used Laptop

        Buying    a used laptop is more risker than buying a used Desktop. So unless you are in a tight financial constrain ,                                               do not go for used […]