What all these black boxes means ?

  May be you already noticed these kind of  bar code like images on some websites , promo materials and some business cards that handed to you .  You guessed it right . These black and white squires contains  intelligence that can be translated by scanning software installed on your smart phone . This system... more →
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How the files are compressed ?

      Using the file compression is a normal process for our computing needs , whether in the case of data transmission or data storage . Even the layman in computing know how to zip a file and unzip it   . But what happens when you compress a file , how the file size of the original file reduced  and still... more →
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Windows 7 Recovery Environment partition

My initial machine has a harddisk capacity of  540 MB.   At that time if you ask me about loosing 200 MB space I will say it means a lot to me .  But it was long back in 1994 and my home machine has  2000 times capacity than my original one .         So I will find it curious  that  people are debating... more →
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Auto-uplink or auto MDI-X

  When ever you are cabling your network using UTP cable system , the terms you used to hear is normal cabling and cross over cabling  . The typical UTP cabling system uses AT & T 568B color code . If you are having a one to one connection , it is called a normal connection and if the cable is crimped in such a way that... more →
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installing XP after windows 7

   How many times you faced with a customer who need to install windows XP to his desktop after you finished installing windows 7 and loaded all the drivers and soft wares ? Moving from a lower version of operating system to a higher version and mutli booting was always an  easier task because your newer operating system... more →
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    So many Acronyms , and people find it really hard to memorize all these computing industry acronyms or alphabet soups as some one said. Anyway  here we are going to discuss about three alphabet soups that is normally confusing a typical infrastructure professional  when it comes to the storage solutions .     As... more →
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Windows 7 deployment – the easy way

                           so many discussions are going on about deploying windows 7 easily on a large number of systems .  This post is a effort to present the relatively complex concept of windows 7 deployment to a person with normal computing skills .  We have deliberately avoided some extra procedure... more →
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confused about 32 and 64 ?

  What is the real difference between the 32 bit as well us 64 bit  technology in computing  ?  when ever the computing industry makes a transition from on technology to another , such discussions are common .  We can try to find out what makes the real  difference between your 32 and 64 bit technologies in few words... more →
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