What all these black boxes means ?

  May be you already noticed these kind of  bar code like images on some websites , promo materials and some business cards that handed to you .  You guessed it right . These black and white squires contains  intelligence that can be translated by scanning software installed on your smart phone . This system... more →
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Wi-fi enable your camera with Eye-Fi

                       I always wish to purchase a Wireless Transmitter for my Nikon . The freedom and flexibility offered by the wireless capability is great. But the price tag of approx. $750 keep me away from the professional solutions for Wi-Fi in my camera. I did not find it justifiable that my sub $100 phone... more →
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Who got better Megapixels ?

  The first question  asked  when you  shows your new digital camera to your friend  is obvious . How many Mega Pixels it have ? . You  will boast on the 20 megapixel  which will  make the guy with that 4 megapixel feel inferior. By the way what these figures means to a person  and does it hold any significance... more →
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Polaroid is back with instant Photography

I am an avid fan of Polaroid cameras. Even though  my family did not own a polaroid at the time  of its popularity , the trips to famous tourist destination also hold memories of polaroid pictures taken by tourist guides which they sold to us for high prices. Even though we have a film camera with us on such trips the fascination of... more →
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what New iPad means to a tablet Buyer

  For the world who expected  an iPad-3 , apple presented just the New iPad . Apple always surprise the world with their new products and product names . But will the new product name will do good or harm to apple is yet to find out . Out of all the tech difference between the existing iPad 2 and the new iPad , the... more →
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