Wi-fi enable your camera with Eye-Fi

By | April 9, 2012

                       I always wish to purchase a Wireless Transmitter for my Nikon . The freedom and flexibility offered by the wireless capability is great. But the price tag of approx. $750 keep me away from the professional solutions for Wi-Fi in my camera. I did not find it justifiable that my sub $100 phone come equipped with a Wi-Fi capability and my $ 600 DSLR does not offer any kind of Wi-Fi connectivity .


So I was really happy to see that  a creative concept from a company turned out to be a nice product that  can add Wi-Fi capability to any of your digital cameras, whether it is a point and shoot or DSLR.  The product is creatively named Eye-Fi . You can find them here 




The concept behind the eye-fi is quite simple . It included a  wireless transmitter to a regular SD- memory card. This modified memory card will look and function just like a regular SD-card.   So when you push  the memory card to the memory slot of your camera, camera will detect it as regular memory card. But the wireless transmitter will be powered from your camera and it will transmit the data  through the configured Wi-Fi network and to the configured folder on your system.  So that means the pictures will literally fly to your computer or the media server right after you clicks it.


All these features are available to approx. $45  will make it a worthwhile buy  for anyone who need the flexibility of a Wi-Fi for your camera but still does not wish to spend  big money for that .


Find more details about the operation of the Eye-Fi  , click on the image below





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