what New iPad means to a tablet Buyer

By | March 8, 2012


For the world who expected  an iPad-3 , apple presented just the New iPad . Apple always surprise the world with their new products and product names . But will the new product name will do good or harm to apple is yet to find out .

Out of all the tech difference between the existing iPad 2 and the new iPad , the one that catch attention of a typical layman  is the increase in resolution of 1024-by-768- to 2048-by-1536 pixel and the camera which now offer a full HD recording of  1080p .

With the new  iPad  available in the same price range of the  existing  iPad2  and the price drop of iPad2 by $100 , what may be the ultimate result is more order for existing iPad2.

There araises some confusions about the new product line . We know it is too early to raise such questions , but still as far as a normal customers is concerned , we have to admit that the new naming  somewhat confusing and will have negative impact on the sales of the product .

When someone is comparing two products  I think iPad2 will be more attractive than the mere iPad . on the comparison chart of two products too , both of the products look identical  for a layman.  So it is really hard to convince your neighbor that you purchased a all New iPad.

So the best option for a person who wish to invest on an apple tablet is to go for the iPad2 and get a price advantage too.

If a person feels that the new range of apple iPad is a business promotion plan for boosting the sales of  iPad2 and justification for the price drop of $100, can he be blamed ?

If apple just dropped the price of the iPad2 with out the launch of the new iPad , industry will give a verdict that apple is worried about the competition from android and  the new segment of windows 8 tablets which are expected .

Whn we check the apple website for the new iPad , what catch the eyes to a price aware customer is this line

“Still every bit as amazing. And now more affordable than ever.View the iPad 2 gallery

anyway , it is not at all a bad deal at all . iPad2 is still worth buy for most of us out here who still does not heard about Retina Display 




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