confused about 32 and 64 ?

By | April 16, 2012


What is the real difference between the 32 bit as well us 64 bit  technology in computing  ?  when ever the computing industry makes a transition from on technology to another , such discussions are common .  We can try to find out what makes the real  difference between your 32 and 64 bit technologies in few words as possible .



Basically a PC  is said to be 8, 16, 32 or 64 based on the microprocessor used . If you have a microprocessor which has an execution unit of 32 bit , you call it as 32 bit processor and in turn the machine will be known as 32 bit.

That means in a pure technical standpoint you have to check the data sheet of your processor to check if it is 32 bit or 64 bit. Three are more confusions regarding it because there are 32 bit processors with the capability to run 64 bit OS because of a feature called EMT. AD -64 bit optron and Intel -Xeon are some of the examples of pure 64 bit microprocessor

From intel terminology if they are saying x86 , then your Microprocessor is 32 bit  , if they are saying x64 , then you have a micro processor that is announced to you as 64 bit , but actually it is EMT -64 ie partially 64 bit . if  intel says IA 64 , they you have a pure 64 bit processor with you.


When talking about OS , the capability of the OS to fully utilize the power of your microprocessor is important. so If you have a 32 bit processor , the best thing is that you also have a 32 bit OS .  The same is also the case with 64 bit technology .  The bit capacity of the OS is normally the Word length, i.e. the number of bits that an OS can push down to the data bus of the microprocessor on a single clock  pulse .






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