what happens when we press refresh

What really happens  when we click ‘Refresh “?  will it improve the performance of the system  ?


If you have been with any typical graphic designer or a DTP operator  besides  his/her workstation , the most used function on the system is refresh .when ever an application take time to load , they will right click and select refresh , may be for 10 or more times  .

They are under the false impression that doing so will increase the speed and performance of the system. This belief is passed to them from their computer gurus and they religiously follow what they have been told and it become part of their daily life just like chanting a mantra .

When we press the refresh button or press F5 when you are on desktop , the video memeory of your system is reloaded with the up to date information . If will be fine if you are browsing through network folder and it will help to detect a newly added share , or it will also help to redraw an icon that is showing up properly

But associating  it will any kind of performance increment is rubbish. technically , if you press refresh , the system is taking few micro seconds out of its life to serve your idiotic request and if you right click and refresh continuously , the system will slow down a bit because of the extra hard disk read write cycles it has to perform.


Surly it is a digital version of gritting your teeth or punding the desk when you are impatient  . Please  consult a neuro expert if the symptom sustains 

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