Refocus your moments with Lytro

By | April 15, 2012



How many time you have been worried about the perfect moment that missed because your camera was focused on a different object , or taken an overexposed picture of a moment that will never come back ? Not a worry for the photographer in you any more ,


The Light field camera from Lytro is in the field for the last one year and improved dramatically all the way .  It is for any one who love to take photos without worrying  about any settings . The camera capture the entire light field , and so aptly called light fiend camera.


What I love about the camera  apart from the great concept and science behind it is the looks itself.  You can not compare it with any of the cameras you have seen . It resembles a kaleidoscope than a camera.


The basic concept behind the camera for a customer is simple , shoot now -focus later . But for accomplishing this task , the camera has to capture all the light that is present at the time of the shot and store it to be manipulated later .  This is one of the points that reminds us that there are so many things left to be invented and the creativity of a human brain is endless.



I am not  just going to give you detailed explanation of the technology behind it . If you are curious about it , you can find it here . 

Add  this magic piece of  technology to your wish list if you are ready to part with your  500 Dollars.  Visit for more details




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