Your Neighbours’ Wi-Fi – Stay away from temptations

By | March 30, 2012



As a techno savvy person , you find more pleasure in hacking in to your neighbours wi-fi broadband than eavesdropping on them .  May the first thing you are going to do when you shifted to a new locality is to search for how many open  wi-fi connections are available so that you can  enjoy an online life without monthly bills from your ISP .

Some people argue that accessing an open wi-fi internet connection  is not really against any rules and regulations and it is quite different from breaking in to someones network.  But your neighbors technical illiteracy is not a valid  reason for you to access their internet connection without their permission. Most of the time this kind of  access is happening in  metro cities were the wi-fi density is high and you are surrounded by the temptations of so many open wi-fi access points .

If a user  forgets to protect their wi-fi access pint with a password  , it does not give you a right to break in to their network.  Even if you find a car unlocked with keys in place on some ones driveway , it will not give you a valid  reason to drive away with that car  .

Accessing a wi-fi network is not just about stealing the bandwidth of their internet connection , but also about accessing their personal data . If any data lose or theft happens  on your Neighbors systems and if he /she is going for any kind of cyber forensics , you are going to be the culprit as your mac id is in the router and will act as a clear evidence  against you .

So please stay away from   unauthorized   use of open wi-fi  you find on your vicinity 


One thought on “Your Neighbours’ Wi-Fi – Stay away from temptations

  1. jorg

    “your mac id is in the router and will act as a clear evidence against you .” No. Because you can easily spoof your network card mac address and choose any mac you want and no trace will be leaved behind.


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