Polaroid is back with instant Photography

By | March 13, 2012

I am an avid fan of Polaroid cameras. Even though  my family did not own a polaroid at the time  of its popularity , the trips to famous tourist destination also hold memories of polaroid pictures taken by tourist guides which they sold to us for high prices. Even though we have a film camera with us on such trips the fascination of instant photography was great.


Just like the film photography give way for digital photography , the instant photos lost it charm for most people with the introduction of the LCD screens of your digital cameras.  Still the  thought about instant emerging of the snaps from the camera and the waving process that make the picture sharper was really nostalgic.

To cash on that nostalgic feelings of so many people around the world like me and  to attract the new generation which does not seen a polaroid in action , the company is back with a digital version of the same . Polaroid Z340  is the new product from polaroid which tries to create their on market for instant  photo devices Now they are using a digital point and shoot camera integrated with a digital thermal printer to achieve the same result as of a classic polaroid . Even though It feel a little bit heavy and awkward for for a  person who used to today’s size zero point and shoots , the joy of instant photos will be a novelty for this generation .

Check it online  here on official web site of Polaroid 



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