what New iPad means to a tablet Buyer

  For the world who expected  an iPad-3 , apple presented just the New iPad . Apple always surprise the world with their new products and product names . But will the new product name will do good or harm to apple is yet to find out . Out of all the tech difference between the existing iPad 2 and the new iPad , the... more →
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Will Improper Shutdown harm your Hard disk ?

  This post does not encourage you to improper shutdown your system from now on , but a discussion in to the technical aspects of the impact of the improper shut down on the life of your hard disk. Please continue to properly shut down your system for maintaining your production environment systems  it is true that improper... more →
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What is magical about the word “CON”

  For a typical user who belongs to the age of MS-DOS , the discussions on why you can not create a file or directory named CON on your machine does not make much sense. But for a new age user who directly exposed him or her to GUI , it may be a nice topic of discussion There are so many discussions going on the social networking... more →
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How many times you can format your Hard disk?.

 There exist a myth regarding the number of times you can format your hard disk Most of the people believe that formatting the hard disk multiple times will reduce the life span of the hard disk.   During the process of normal partitioning and formatting , the Directory structure FAT , BR and MBR area of the hard disk is cleared... more →
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