How to verify your Windows Authenticity

This post is a response to a question asked by a user on the support site .    This is the question asked by the user

      “hello sir could you please explain how to check if my wndows 7 is  genuine. I  have hp pavilion g4 1200 lap comes with windows 7 home premium,is this an original version?”

It is a common question by a typical user who purchase his desktop or laptop along with a legal operating system or a user who purchase a retail pack of the Microsoft product to enjoy the benefits of a legal user .


1. How can you verify that your product obtained from your hardware vendor is genuine and you are not cheated  to purchase a  pirated product  for a high cost ?

before you purchase the original version of windows  visit the Microsoft website for a deatiled check list to look for in a genuine windows pack . Click on the image below

2. I become a victim of software counterfeit . I purchased the product on the best faith that I purchased the legit software . What  should I do  ?

First of all it is your fault to purchase a counterfeit software . You have to observe  the steps mentioned above before you purchase. Still , if you have the purchase details and software CD’s with you ,    you can contact  Microsoft describing the situation and Microsoft is ready to offer a Complementary kit for your Windows family or Office family of products.     Please follow the steps below 

Visit  the link below                        


click the option mentioned in the image and follow the steps that appear . Once Microsoft decides that you are eligible for a Complementary kit , it will be shipped to you

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