How do you define your Computer

By | March 14, 2012


When it come to defining something , we will normally find that even the obvious things become complicated. It is true regarding the computer also.

For your elementary classes on computer  the definition of computer is simple and straightforward.  But when it come to judiciary and other law enforcing agents , the definition of any object hold much importance because any loopholes in the definition will  be critical.

So we  can have a thought about how a judicial system is going to define a computer . as of the IT act on year 2000, Indian judiciary has a complex definition of computer  system closing all the loopholes and avoiding any chances of misinterpretation of such complex electronic equipment.


Definition of a Computer under section 2(1) (i) of   IT Act 2000

” any electronic , magnetic , optical or other high speed data processing device or system which performs logical , arithmetic , and memory functions by manipulations of Electronic , magnetic or optical impulse and include all input , output , processing , storage , computer software , or communication facilities which are connected or related to the computer in a computer system or computer network”

Thank god I don’t have to remember  it for my examination , But at-least now you know how a computer looks like to Indian Judiciary 


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