EULA Facts- Read it before you click ” I agree”

By | March 19, 2012


How many of you guys out there are reading the long 15 page license agreement that appear as part of the welcome screens of your software installation ? if you are the one who is clicking the I agree Button after reading and understanding all the implications , this post is not targeting you , else read on ……


Back in the time of windows NT 4.0 Server , there was an innocent looking term that appear on the last page of the EULA ( End User Licence Agreement ). Since at the time of NT  we have to at least scroll down to the last page to click the I accept option ,  So I read it.

It states that Microsoft is not responsible for any Personal injury , or even death that happen because of the use of their product  and the failure of Java technology.  I was little bit hesitated to press the I agree button.

Since  I have never heard about any one who died because of Windows NT installation , I proceeded with the option and successfully installed it and till this day  I am fine.  Later I learnt that there was a long story associated with  the Microsoft and Sun Micro system behind that funny looking term to which I clicked OK.

But in the new era of internet based society , the licence agreement is one of the powerful options for most of the companies for   what ever they wish to hide from the customers. As some of the latest survey on this matter revels , around 95 percent of home customers and 70 percent of corporate customers just click the button “I agree ”  before they read a single line from the licence agreement.  The same corporate heads who recheck everything before they sign an agreement with their business associates simply accept whatever is written on the EULA of the softwares installed on their companies mission critical  machines.


There are some malware softwares out there which clearly announces that they are malwares and  they are going to steal all your personal information and send to their servers . They have the confidence that you are not going to read the agreement before clicking yes and even if some law suite arises , it is easier for them to move out of it since they already told you that they are going to get  your personal information .

The basic temptation for anyone who install the software  to zoom through all the options till you find the finish button.

So next time when you install the software for your mission critical environment in your office , Please read through the licence agreement before you press the  Agree button. May be it will save you lot of trouble later

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