Do not purchase a cheap Tablet – Did I say Aakash ?

By | April 14, 2012

There are so many  inquiries regarding how anyone can book an Aakash tablet. I think some people out here are crazy about Aakash just because it is announced to be the cheapest tablet in the world. We, Indians  have witnessed the same enthusiasm towards the booking process of TATA nano few years back.  But the real point is that will you buy anything just because it is available to you for just $50 . So many persons who Google searched for Aakash booking  end up in fake sites and loose their credit card card data to them . And for those who reached the original Aakash website and booked their tablet , the story is not at all different .





Aakash manufacturer and  assembler split

With the war between the original Canadian manufacturer, Datawind  and the  Hyderabad-based  assembly partner  Quad Electronics Solutions Pvt. Ltd gone public , it is quite obvious that there are thin chances that you are going to get your ordered tablets in time or any time for that matter .

The government decision to hand over the order of cheap tablet to private organization which does not have any previous experience in managing such a huge volume of orders was suspicious from the very beginning.

Now the Quad electronics and and Datawind issuing legal notices to each other , we have to suspect that it is just another business tactics played  to fool the thousands of people who spend their money for booking a product which they have not seen yet .

I do not feel much pity about the people who booked Aakash. If someone consider that just being cheap is the only reason for them to order a product that they have not experienced yet ,  they have to learn the fact in a  hard way .


One thought on “Do not purchase a cheap Tablet – Did I say Aakash ?

  1. Ashwin

    I booked UBISlate 7+ (Akash taelbt) on 1st February. My ID is PM36F75E8C4. I have send cheque of Rs. 2999/- to Datawind, Amritsar. The amount of Rs. 2999/- was debited from my account from my Bank of India account on 15th February, 2012. More than one month has passed but I have not yet got the product. My address is -Vinay Kr. SinghOrient Blackswan Pvt.Ltd.Mahima Place, 1st FloorGovind Mitra RoadPatna 800 004.Moblie : 09334105411I tried to contact the company on no.1800-180-2-180 but no one responded.Can I when I will get the UBISLATE7+ taelbt.Vinay Kr. SinghPatna


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