Centrino – is it my Laptop Processor ?

By | March 20, 2012



Intel is really good at making microprocessors and also good at  sales .


Most of the hardware engineers  and customers are talking about their Laptop machines which incorporate an Intel Centrino Microprocessor  . When our team at DesktopReality asked the question regarding the term centrino to around 50 professionals in IT infrastructure , the unanimous answer is that centrino is a processor used for laptop computers.

What is centrino ?

It is a really success full business plan from Intel  for selling their products to the  computer vendors and not the name of a micro processor  Consider the case of a company like dell or HP or Leneova making the laptops . Their first decision is to either go for intel or AMD.

Once they chose to go for intel micropressor , they can design their laptop around a ALI -chipset mother board , a realtec lan card , a broadcom wireless and so on. That means the only component that they are going to purchase from intel is the processor. It is not reallly good for a company like intel who make motherboards , lan cards and wireless cards in addition to their processors .

So they announced and popularized a business platform around the  the term “Centrino ”  . It means that if a laptop company purchase the Intel Microprocessor based on mobile technology with mobile Intel chipset motherboard  with intel LAN and Wirless LAN function , they will be allowed to display the logo named Intel Centrino Mobile Technology  on their laptops . Since intel already advertised  this logo heavilily a typical customer began to search for this logo on their laptops forcing the manufacture to go for this bundle offer from intel to get their products sold .

So for the end customer , the price will be relatively high for a typical Centrino system because the manufacture is forced to buy all the components from Intel , may be at a higher price  than the third party products ,which they are going to charge from the customer anyway

It is not a campaign against the Centrino-platform of products . The good part of the story is that customer is assured a more compatible set of products from a single company when they purchase a centrino platform product.  But just to make the users out here informed that Centrino is not a Microprocessor


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