Data center virtualization – Basic aspects

                     Virtualization is the new buzz word in computing industry. Even though a normal customer of support engineer is exposed to this term recently, for the past few years it is one of the favorite word for the IT division of a corporate company. Even if you are not much familiar with the typical... more →
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Why you still Control-Alt-Delete

    Hope some of you out here already thought why we are pressing this strange combination of Control -Alt- Del  when ever you have to log-on in a networked system or to do the end task when some programs hangs . The basic story behind the control alt delete key combination dates back to to the original IBM -PC in... more →
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interpolated resolution -The webcam Myths

Yet another post on Megapixels , Hope the previous post will be helpful to you to fully appreciate it A typical customer who walks in to a computer shop to purchase a webcam is faced with so many confusing choices . The irresistible offer is a range of web cams that offer 12 to 20 Megapixels at an unbelievable price. 20... more →
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EULA Facts- Read it before you click ” I agree”

  How many of you guys out there are reading the long 15 page license agreement that appear as part of the welcome screens of your software installation ? if you are the one who is clicking the I agree Button after reading and understanding all the implications , this post is not targeting you , else read on ……   Back... more →
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Why ROM is a RAM ?

  As a computer student , if we are asked about the opposite term for RAM , the obvious answer is ROM. So here we are just sharing some thoughts on why your ROM is also a RAM !   RAM or random access memory refers to the method by which the data is accessed   from  your memory .  Random Access means data can... more →
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Will Improper Shutdown harm your Hard disk ?

  This post does not encourage you to improper shutdown your system from now on , but a discussion in to the technical aspects of the impact of the improper shut down on the life of your hard disk. Please continue to properly shut down your system for maintaining your production environment systems  it is true that improper... more →
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