Microsoft brings back MCSE

    It is not a topic which directly address any realities in desktop computing , but as a topic which is a hot discussion among techies I wish to express my personal opinions on it.   So the news is that MCSE is back   for those who does not understand this alphabet soup , this is a Microsoft certification which... more →
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Auto-uplink or auto MDI-X

  When ever you are cabling your network using UTP cable system , the terms you used to hear is normal cabling and cross over cabling  . The typical UTP cabling system uses AT & T 568B color code . If you are having a one to one connection , it is called a normal connection and if the cable is crimped in such a way that... more →
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    So many Acronyms , and people find it really hard to memorize all these computing industry acronyms or alphabet soups as some one said. Anyway  here we are going to discuss about three alphabet soups that is normally confusing a typical infrastructure professional  when it comes to the storage solutions .     As... more →
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Windows 7 deployment – the easy way

                           so many discussions are going on about deploying windows 7 easily on a large number of systems .  This post is a effort to present the relatively complex concept of windows 7 deployment to a person with normal computing skills .  We have deliberately avoided some extra procedure... more →
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Turn your laptop in to a wi-fi hot spot

    There  are numerous articles on internet which discuss the same topic , but curiously most of them are discussing on the third party application to set up your own wi-fi hot spot.  This post is an attempt to discuss the in built feature of windows 7 to convert your wired internet or 3g connection to a shared access... more →
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Data center virtualization – Basic aspects

                     Virtualization is the new buzz word in computing industry. Even though a normal customer of support engineer is exposed to this term recently, for the past few years it is one of the favorite word for the IT division of a corporate company. Even if you are not much familiar with the typical... more →
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Why Wi-Fi is called so ?

    May be you are accessing this page from your Wi-Fi  enabled device . But why your wireless connection is known by a fancy name – WiFi ?  Background story back in 1980 , February an IEEE  committee was formed to define the standards of networking .  That committee named  them self as 802 -sub committee  reminding... more →
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Cisco or Microsoft certification ?

One of the common question asked by a typical IT infrastructure student is that Which certification is better for me ? Cisco -Certification or Microsoft Certification ? and should I go for  CompTIA ? There is no point in directly comparing the Cisco and Microsoft certifications . First of all , achieving the certification is... more →
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Defining WAN – for layman to professional

  Things normally become complex when we have to give  a proper definition for it. It is applicable for your exams as well as life . SO when it comes to defining a technical suff like Wide Area Network , there arises so many confusions. This post is an effort to define the WAN from three  different view points . For any... more →
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