SSD vs Flash

Deny it or not , we are storing our valuable data on the least reliable component inside your computer. The hard disk drive .  Yes , the arcane stone age computing technology that outlived its peers . We are no longer using audio cassettes and VHS tapes , still my system contains an electro- mechanical device  to store the... more →
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Why North and South Bridges ?

    Every student who goes through the IT infrastructure study will surly go though the theory of North  and South bridge chips on the motherboard . ever thought why theMemory Controller Hub and IO controller hub are named so ? The  two chips are aptly called the bridge because it acts as a bridge between your microprocessor... more →
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  Why you are calling your BIOS setup as CMOS setup and the Lithium battery on your computer motherboard as CMOS  battery ? What is relation between these terms ? It calls for a detailed explanation  . Hope you will stick on Back in the days of initial IBM PC and PC-XTs  your computer has  ICs made up of transistor-transistor... more →
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Why BUS is called a BUS

  If you are a geek , the term Bus will remind you of Data and address bus first and then you will remember about the huge vehicle that you used to commute . If you are a layman  you are only going to care about the transportation facility . From my basic classes on microprocessors , I was curious about the term BUS . When... more →
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Extend the activation period of windows 7

      Your windows installation is more than 20 days old  and you are almost on the limit of  using your windows legally with out paying anything to Microsoft. And you are not in a situation for an immediate  purchase of  your operating system , or you may be just experimenting with the features of the OS... more →
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How the files are compressed ?

      Using the file compression is a normal process for our computing needs , whether in the case of data transmission or data storage . Even the layman in computing know how to zip a file and unzip it   . But what happens when you compress a file , how the file size of the original file reduced  and still... more →
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