Auto-uplink or auto MDI-X

By | April 26, 2012


When ever you are cabling your network using UTP cable system , the terms you used to hear is normal cabling and cross over cabling  .

The typical UTP cabling system uses AT & T 568B color code . If you are having a one to one connection , it is called a normal connection and if the cable is crimped in such a way that the transmitter is reached on the receiving  point on the other end it is called cross over cable


When ever you have to connect two dissimilar devices together using a UTP cable , you are using a normal or one to one crimped cable . examples are connections between swtich to computer , switch to router

when you need to connect two similar devices together , you have to use a cross crimped cable . ie when you are connecting two computers together , we are using a cross crimped cable .


Ok , this is what I have been thought in my elementary sessions about networking. So that basically means  to connect my laptop to my desktop , I have to make a cross crimped cable system and I can not use a normal crimped cable , is it ?


          well , your network essentials class room notes are not for ever.  Try to add a new term called auto up link  to your notes . ie your new generation network cards are capable of detecting the type of network cable you plugged in to their ports and they can make necessary arrangements needed for connectivity.


So that means in a modern network environment you do not have to care about the cross crimped cable anymore . Just use your normal patch cord to connect your laptop to desktop and if any one of your system has auto up link capability , it will work fine.

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  1. John

    AUTO MDIX – automatic medium-dependent interface crossover


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