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what New iPad means to a tablet Buyer


For the world who expected  an iPad-3 , apple presented just the New iPad . Apple always surprise the world with their new products and product names . But will the new product name will do good or harm to apple is yet to find out .

Out of all the tech difference between the existing iPad 2 and the new iPad , the one that catch attention of a typical layman  is the increase in resolution of 1024-by-768- to 2048-by-1536 pixel and the camera which now offer a full HD recording of  1080p .

With the new  iPad  available in the same price range of the  existing  iPad2  and the price drop of iPad2 by $100 , what may be the ultimate result is more order for existing iPad2.

There araises some confusions about the new product line . We know it is too early to raise such questions , but still as far as a normal customers is concerned , we have to admit that the new naming  somewhat confusing and will have negative impact on the sales of the product .

When someone is comparing two products  I think iPad2 will be more attractive than the mere iPad . on the comparison chart of two products too , both of the products look identical  for a layman.  So it is really hard to convince your neighbor that you purchased a all New iPad.

So the best option for a person who wish to invest on an apple tablet is to go for the iPad2 and get a price advantage too.

If a person feels that the new range of apple iPad is a business promotion plan for boosting the sales of  iPad2 and justification for the price drop of $100, can he be blamed ?

If apple just dropped the price of the iPad2 with out the launch of the new iPad , industry will give a verdict that apple is worried about the competition from android and  the new segment of windows 8 tablets which are expected .

Whn we check the apple website for the new iPad , what catch the eyes to a price aware customer is this line

“Still every bit as amazing. And now more affordable than ever.View the iPad 2 gallery

anyway , it is not at all a bad deal at all . iPad2 is still worth buy for most of us out here who still does not heard about Retina Display 




Will Improper Shutdown harm your Hard disk ?


This post does not encourage you to improper shutdown your system from now on , but a discussion in to the technical aspects of the impact of the improper shut down on the life of your hard disk. Please continue to properly shut down your system for maintaining your production environment systems

 it is true that improper shut down can have negative impact for your operating system As there is a chance of file system corruption .

But it has nothing to do with the life of your hard disk. 

You do a graceful shut down or just Pulled the wire , it is not a real issue for your present  day hard disks.  When the power is disconnected , the hard disk head is automatically  moved to the  Landing zone and it has nothing to do with your operating system

                So improper shutdowns will not harm your hard disk


Still it is not wise to shut down your system improperly as your file system crash will cause

Data corruption and data loss

Happy Computing 🙂


What is magical about the word “CON”


For a typical user who belongs to the age of MS-DOS , the discussions on why you can not create a file or directory named CON on your machine does not make much sense. But for a new age user who directly exposed him or her to GUI , it may be a nice topic of discussion

There are so many discussions going on the social networking sites about why you can not create  a folder named CON  .


In  Microsoft  operating system environment , the word CON  refers to console which is considered as standard  input. The word PRN is representing the printer device attached to your parallel  port , the word COM refers to communication port and so on .

So the operating systems will not permit you to create folders or files using these  words because they are considered as device files

Take the case of a typical file creation process in your command prompt

  type the command  copy con newfile , a file named Newfile is created by standard input redirection . ie copying what ever you typed in to the console to a file named Newfile . 


So your operating system assigns a special function to the file named   CON  .

since a folder is nothing but a file with a directory attribute , we can not create a directory named CON.

But if you are really keen to create a folder named con on your system , type the steps on the screenshot below


How many times you can format your Hard disk?.

 There exist a myth regarding the number of times you can format your hard disk

Most of the people believe that formatting the hard disk multiple times will

reduce the life span of the hard disk.


During the process of normal partitioning and formatting , the Directory structure

FAT , BR and MBR area of the hard disk is cleared and nothing beyond that happens

with your hard disk.


So formatting is less taxing on your hard disk than copying all your movies .


This myth was deliberately created by hardware professionals in early times so that user

Will not try to format the hard disk each and everyday and make their life miserable.