Wi-fi enable your camera with Eye-Fi

                       I always wish to purchase a Wireless Transmitter for my Nikon . The freedom and flexibility offered by the wireless capability is great. But the price tag of approx. $750 keep me away from the professional solutions for Wi-Fi in my camera. I did not find it justifiable that my sub $100 phone... more →
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Turn your laptop in to a wi-fi hot spot

    There  are numerous articles on internet which discuss the same topic , but curiously most of them are discussing on the third party application to set up your own wi-fi hot spot.  This post is an attempt to discuss the in built feature of windows 7 to convert your wired internet or 3g connection to a shared access... more →
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Protect your Blog content with DMCA

      Digital Millennium  copy right Act  ( DMCA )  may be controversial  from the  initial days of that act itself. This blog post is not an effort to check the merits and demerits of DMCA  , but rather considering the DMCA from a normal bloggers point of view .   What is DMCA ?    Just as part... more →
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Data center virtualization – Basic aspects

                     Virtualization is the new buzz word in computing industry. Even though a normal customer of support engineer is exposed to this term recently, for the past few years it is one of the favorite word for the IT division of a corporate company. Even if you are not much familiar with the typical... more →
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Why Wi-Fi is called so ?

    May be you are accessing this page from your Wi-Fi  enabled device . But why your wireless connection is known by a fancy name – WiFi ?  Background story back in 1980 , February an IEEE  committee was formed to define the standards of networking .  That committee named  them self as 802 -sub committee  reminding... more →
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Cisco or Microsoft certification ?

One of the common question asked by a typical IT infrastructure student is that Which certification is better for me ? Cisco -Certification or Microsoft Certification ? and should I go for  CompTIA ? There is no point in directly comparing the Cisco and Microsoft certifications . First of all , achieving the certification is... more →
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Your Neighbours’ Wi-Fi – Stay away from temptations

    As a techno savvy person , you find more pleasure in hacking in to your neighbours wi-fi broadband than eavesdropping on them .  May the first thing you are going to do when you shifted to a new locality is to search for how many open  wi-fi connections are available so that you can  enjoy an online life without monthly bills... more →

Why you still Control-Alt-Delete

    Hope some of you out here already thought why we are pressing this strange combination of Control -Alt- Del  when ever you have to log-on in a networked system or to do the end task when some programs hangs . The basic story behind the control alt delete key combination dates back to to the original IBM -PC in... more →
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How to verify your Windows Authenticity

This post is a response to a question asked by a user on the support site AskShyam.com .    This is the question asked by the user       “hello sir could you please explain how to check if my wndows 7 is  genuine. I  have hp pavilion g4 1200 lap comes with windows 7 home premium,is this an original version?” It... more →
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