Microsoft brings back MCSE

    It is not a topic which directly address any realities in desktop computing , but as a topic which is a hot discussion among techies I wish to express my personal opinions on it.   So the news is that MCSE is back   for those who does not understand this alphabet soup , this is a Microsoft certification which... more →
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Why BUS is called a BUS

  If you are a geek , the term Bus will remind you of Data and address bus first and then you will remember about the huge vehicle that you used to commute . If you are a layman  you are only going to care about the transportation facility . From my basic classes on microprocessors , I was curious about the term BUS . When... more →
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What is Kibi Byte anyway

Hope everyone out there in computing industry is familiar with the term  Byte and kilo Byte . But how many of you out here is familiar with the therm Kibi Byte which is written as KiB . The KiB is the less accepted standard in computing industry .if  it was implemented on an earlier times of computing industry it may solve... more →

ESD -Realities

    How many of the hardware professionals treat ESD  as a main subject when handling delicate hardware components inside the desktop or laptop ? we can have a basic discussion that I am sure known to many of you out there but  failed to observe in real life . Electro Static Discharge or ESD is the charge that build... more →
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Extend the activation period of windows 7

      Your windows installation is more than 20 days old  and you are almost on the limit of  using your windows legally with out paying anything to Microsoft. And you are not in a situation for an immediate  purchase of  your operating system , or you may be just experimenting with the features of the OS... more →
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Gold inside your computers ?

There are so many discussions going on about can you become rich by selling the gold hidden inside your micro chips .   Yes , most of  us were get fascinated by the yellow metal and that makes this topic interesting . The good news is that your micro chips contains gold . The bad news is that there is not enough gold hidden... more →
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