Why no AM Radio in your Mobile Phone ?

Today I got a calls from a person who want to listen to AM station on his mobile and wondering why no companies are  incorporating the AM radio facility to their handsets. It was the first time  I have heard somebody is demanding AM radio because most of the AM stations across the world  are government owned and broadcasting  discussions... more →

S-ATA vs P-ATA why Serial is faster ?

Back in my early days of electronic studies  I have learned that parallel data transfer is faster than serial. It satisfies my commonsense too that an eight  lane highway can take more cars than a single lane . so eight bits at a time down the lane will indeed faster than one bit at a time     The parallel port that... more →

Nero Burning ROM or Rome ?

During the training session in IT infrastructure , I normally  get irritated when some of my students and even my fellow trainers  pronounce the “Nero” as nuro, naro or something else .  It was back in 1998 that I come across this software  to  write data to the  CD-RW mediums .  What catches  my attention at... more →
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SSD vs Flash

Deny it or not , we are storing our valuable data on the least reliable component inside your computer. The hard disk drive .  Yes , the arcane stone age computing technology that outlived its peers . We are no longer using audio cassettes and VHS tapes , still my system contains an electro- mechanical device  to store the... more →
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Why North and South Bridges ?

    Every student who goes through the IT infrastructure study will surly go though the theory of North  and South bridge chips on the motherboard . ever thought why theMemory Controller Hub and IO controller hub are named so ? The  two chips are aptly called the bridge because it acts as a bridge between your microprocessor... more →
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  Why you are calling your BIOS setup as CMOS setup and the Lithium battery on your computer motherboard as CMOS  battery ? What is relation between these terms ? It calls for a detailed explanation  . Hope you will stick on Back in the days of initial IBM PC and PC-XTs  your computer has  ICs made up of transistor-transistor... more →
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Why PS/2 port is called so ?

When  we study about computing , there are so many terms which we take it for granted . I think  PS/2 is one of them . Every body is aware that the small six pin din connector where you plug the keyboard and mouse is called ps/2 connector. But why it is called by such a strange name ?   Well , the term PS/2 was the name of... more →
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Ultra Book , Is it for you ?

IT industry will always find new ways to attract its customers . When netbooks comes to the market  some 4 years back , it was charming and affordable . I opted for a Asus eeePC  as my prime machine instead of my heavy Dell inspiron. Even though people said that Intel atom is under powered , I did not find any issue with  it... more →
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From a coffee table to a slate — The surface story

re-branding is always confusing .  The idea of naming a new innovative concept with a name that was a decade  old is not that much appealing . I am talking about the new product from Microsoft that is trending in Google search .   It is the Microsoft Surface.    The initial idea of  Microsoft Surface was dates... more →
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